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Parents and Community Members -- We have had reports of vehicles passing our school buses during the morning and afternoon routes, and driving too fast on local roadways.  In a continuing effort to provide safe transportation for our students, the Pct. 4 Constable's Office will be riding Chireno ISD buses to help monitor the flow of traffic.  This program will be done randomly throughout the year in all Pct. 4 school districts.  Chireno ISD appreciates your cooperation and understanding with this program.  Further information can be accessed from Constable Stone's Facebook page.  Thank you. 

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Mission Statement

Chireno ISD will provide a safe learning environment where
students will recognize the value of life-long education and
will become leaders with an intense drive for excellence.


Vision Statement

Chireno ISD is a composite of many people--its students and their families, its employees, and its community--who recognize that excellence is the standard by which all teaching and learning must be measured.While each student in Chireno ISD is valued as an individual, excellent educational opportunities for all students must be ensured.  Chireno ISD will provide a pleasant, safe environment where each student will develop the skills necessary to be a productive citizen of the Twenty-first Century. Teachers will serve as facilitators who enable students to think critically, and to synthesize and evaluate information.  Teachers will promote respect and self-esteem for everyone.  Chireno ISD will provide a core curriculum which includes the most current technology as an integral component.  The goal of all school activities will be high student achievement.  To this end, teachers will build collegial and collaborative relationships with fellow professionals and other adults of the District.Parents and community members will know their knowledge, experiences, and opinions are respected.  They will support the District and its students through active involvement in classrooms, programs, and organizations. Chireno ISD students will recognize the value of life-long education and will become leaders with an intense drive for excellence.

CISD Campuses

Chireno HS
Phone: 936-362-2132 ext. 101
Fax: 936-362-9331

Chireno Elementary
Phone: 936-362-2132 ext. 102
Fax: 936-362-2490